12 June 2013

Over At Emily's...

My favourite circle of bloggers has grown by one recently with the discovery of EmilyBooks.  I found her blog while searching for reviews on novels by Elizabeth Bowen.  Emily has in her possession one of the most 'swoon-worthy' editions you could ever imagine.  It's a copy of Bowen's Court signed by the author herself as a gift to E. M. Forster!  Can you imagine opening the first page or two and casting your eyes on that?

Emily has kindly invited me to appear on her interesting, not to mention very well-written, blog as a guest.  I have offered up a snippet about a few of my favourite second-hand bookshops and a glimpse at some of the books I was excited to find while browsing in them.  Don't bother knocking - just let yourself in and if you simply want a peek at THE book and how Emily came to find it click here.....


  1. I loved having you over, Cosy Books. Your adventures second-hand book hunting are inspiration for all book lovers - https://emilybooks.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/second-hand-book-hunting-with-cosybooks/

  2. Gosh, what a wonderful book to find! I'm off to have a read of a blogger I've not heard of before...

    1. I think you will like her, Simon! As for that book...I would need smelling salts if it ever landed in my hands. Thanks for dropping by!