23 May 2014

Friday's Literary Feast

Quotes from The Virago Book of Food: The Joy of Eating

1893 - 1978

24 October 1929.  It was a ravishing sou' westerly morning.  In the afternoon it poured with rain and I shopped at Barkers, buying a pineapple and half a stilton, and thinking how scandalously easy it was to be kind, when one had money to spend.  In the morning I had decided henceforth I only cared for easy loves.  It is so degrading to have to persuade people into liking one, or one's works.  Let be.  Then I made damson pickle three 2lb pots.

15 February 1930.  (London) A cold, pretty day, very young - bright sunshine one minute and next everything black and growling.  Dorothie Machel to spend the night.  We dined off mulligatawney, chicken with almonds and an orange souffl√© that was out of breath, but made a good custard.  After dinner D.M. and I fell to duets, and the house rocked with our attack of the scherzo and finale of number 5.


Still Life with a Pineapple by George Walter Harris


  1. I love the out of breath souffle.

  2. I love the idea of a day being young -- especially since it sounds like some of my youngest coworkers (sunshine one minute, growling the next... ) I have a feeling I'll be smiling about this all day. But then, I love all the rest of it, too!

  3. Oh, that February dinner sounds delightful. But pineapple and stilton sounds a stomach-churning combination. Both excerpts are an excellent reminder of what an engaging and articulate diarist STW was!

  4. 'how scandalously easy it was to be kind, when one had money to spend.' So true.