27 March 2015

Friday's Literary Feast

Quotes from The Virago Book of Food:  The Joy of Eating

1590 - 1676

Anne Clifford was born at Skipton Castle during the reign of Elizabeth I.  From the age of 60 until her death at 86, she spent her time rebuilding churches and castles in Cumbria.  Her descendant Vita Sackville-West was the editor of her remarkably rich and informative diaries.  The first of the entries below was written when Anne was 13.

July 1603
Upon the 25th of July the King and Queen were crowned at Westminster, my Father and Mother both attended in their robes, my Aunt of Bath and my Uncle Russell, which solemn sight my Mother would not let me see because the plague was hot in London, therefore I continued at Norbury, where my cousin did so feed me with breakfasts and pear pies and such things, as shortly after I fell into sickness.

June 1617
The 6th after supper we went in the coach to Goodwife Syslies and ate so much cheese there that it made me sick.


Portrait of Lady Anne Clifford by William Larkin
National Portrait Gallery

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