31 July 2015

Friday's Literary Feast

Quotes from The Virago Book of Food:  The Joy of Eating

1782 - 1854

'The family group had already assembled round the breakfast table, with the exception of Lady Juliana, who chose to take that meal in bed; but, contrary to her usual custom, no Lady Maclaughlan had yet made her appearance.  All was busy speculation and surmise as to the could-be cause of this lapse of time on the part of that hitherto most perfect of morning chronometers.  Scouts had been sent ever and anon to spy, to peep, to listen; but nothing was brought back but idle guesses and shallow conjectures.  It had, however, been clearly ascertained that Sir Sampson had been heard to cough and find fault with Murdoch in the dressing-room, and Lady Maclaughlan to humph! in her sternial tone, as she walked to and fro in her chamber twenty minutes after the breakfast-bell had run - 'twas strange - 'twas passing strange!
  'The scones will be like leather,' said Miss Grizzy, in her most doleful accent, as she wrapped another napkin round them.
  'The eggs will be like snow-balls,' cried Miss Jacky, warmly, popping them into the slop-basin.
  'The tea will be like brandy,' observed Miss Nicky, sharply, as she poured more water to the three tea spoonfuls she had infused.'


The Breakfast Table by Harold Gilman 


  1. Oh, thank goodness. If the rest of 'Marriage' hadn't been available online, I would not have been able to cope.

  2. Oh Audrey, you do make me laugh!