11 September 2015

Friday's Literary Feast

Quotes from The Virago Book of Food:  The Joy of Eating

1893 - 1978

Here she describes an anniversary meal enjoyed with her lover, Valentine Ackland.

12 January 1933

'Our second anniversary.  A most brilliant day, with frost and sun bargaining.  In the morning (the proper morning, for already in early light my darling had got up, seen the moon setting behind Granny, and sat reading Pocahontas by candlelight, while I drowsed and burrowed beside her) she gave me my aquamarine pendant  An aquamarine, very deep through, cut to a point behind, and ice-burning blue, dangling from a diamond the colour of a drop of champagne; and a sleek compact silver cigarette-case, with the falcon; and Mrs Gaskell's Letters to Ch. Eliot Norton, who must have been the father of my Mr Norton in New York; and I gave her a new-faced watch, with a scientific expression, and an inscription in a wedding-ring on the back.
  We drove to Dorchester to fetch the oysters.  After lunch we walked to see the lambs in Child's meadow, and then took William as far as the thorn.  Elder, and spindle-berry tree already showing their leaves.  Our ceremonial dinner was oysters, champagne, truffles cooked gently in cream, and coffee.'


Sylvia and Valentine


  1. How lovely! They did have a nice day.

  2. We celebrate thirty years soon and I'm quite sure it won't be nearly anything like it!