17 November 2015

A Folio Find 'The Lady in the Van'

Folio editions are lovely books so I was over the moon to find The Lady in the Van and Three Stories in a second-hand shop last month.
'June 1977.  On this the day of the Jubilee, Miss S. has stuck a paper Union Jack in the cracked back window of the van.  It is the only one in the Crescent.  Yesterday she was wearing a headscarf and pinned across the front of it a blue Spontex sponge fastened at each side with a large safety pin, the sponge meant to form some kind of peak against the (very watery) sun.  It looked like a favour worn by a medieval knight, or a fillet to ward off evil spirits.  Still, it was better than last week's effort, an Afrika Korps cap from Lawrence Corner:  Miss Shepherd - Desert Fox.'

It seems an odd thing to say that I was entertained by the story of an elderly woman living in such dire circumstance but Miss Shepherd's feisty nature under Alan Bennett's benevolent watch made it seem very okay.


  1. I'm not sure about a deluxe edition of The Lady in the Van - but that did have your name on it, Darlene! Keep you going until the film.

  2. I can't tell you how many times I've laughed out loud while reading the other stories too! Is there anyone else who can make homelessness, robbery, and holding a vigil for a loved one...laugh-out-loud funny? The distraction and humour have been so welcome with the news from Paris since last Friday.