24 March 2016

Vintage Podcasts

Two new podcasts from Vintage Books have just downloaded to my iPod and they sound too good to miss.  The latest episode....

Juliet Nicolson's A House Full of Daughters...'Alex Clark is given a unique tour of Sissinghurst Castle by Juliet Nicholson, whose new book A House Full of Daughters details her childhood and growing up there as the grand-daughter of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson.

The second episode...

...1930s Paris, post-war London and the '60s in Sissinghurst; we've slipped the shackles of the studio for this month's podcast and gone on location for a special featuring apricot cocktails, top London trivia and a unique insight into one of the most famous gardens in the Garden of England.

Will Ryecroft talks to Sarah Bakewell about Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and modern existentialism whilst sipping apricot cocktails at Le Beaujolais.  Alex Clark walks through London with Anthony Quinn as they discuss the landscape of his latest novel, Freya.

Both episodes are just over thirty minutes and available through iTunes..enjoy!

The White Garden at Sissinghurst


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Audrey! Thank goodness for podcasts during long walks, commutes, or while trying to fall asleep - so lulling.

  2. I didn't know about this podcast! It looks fantastic. I'm really looking forward to A House Full of Daughters, but it doesn't come out here until June. Have you seen the UK cover? It is so beautiful!

    1. Well I'm glad you know now, Anbolyn! And the cover art is striking on the book and would certainly have me making a beeline for it in a shop. Enjoy the podcast...although, the sound isn't all that consistent so be prepared to turn the volume up here and there.

  3. I agree with Anbolyn, I can't wait until A House full of Daughters comes out here. And yes, that cover is gorgeous. I would love to hear this podcast!

    1. The cover art and illustrations in books just keeps getting more beautiful...which warms my heart as someone who prefers that medium over ereaders.
      Hope you find some time to listen but the volume does fluctuate a bit...oops.