19 December 2016

Winter Kip

The aspect of weather we came to dread last year is back....polar vortex.  It's -16 today once you factor in the wind chill.

After running a few errands yesterday we nipped over to the park with Kip for a bit of fresh air and exercise.  He's not quite eight months old so still on a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the nuances of wintery weather.  The snow in the field has a crusty layer of ice on the surface which severely hampers any attempts to run.  Kip quickly figured out he could make fox-like hops into the holes made by my husband's footsteps.  Then that became altogether too slow so he sat down and refused to budge.  Or did he cleverly figure out a way to bypass the trudging bit while enjoying the view?  Border Collies learn fast....let's hope he doesn't expect this sort of service later today.


  1. Oh, that sounds cold - I'd have to hibernate.

  2. Hmmm. I like his snow-coping strategy. How cute he is! Merry Christmas, Darlene!