27 November 2017

A Christmas Carol at the Cinema

A fun time was had by all yesterday at The Man Who Invented Christmas, a delightful film to begin this festive season.  Dan Stevens plays Charles Dickens earnestly trying to overcome recent flops and writer's block while the bills at home continue to mount.  Watching Dickens take inspiration from scenes of poverty and curmudgeonly service staff, while scribbling notes for his unrivalled Christmas classic, is an absolute delight.  It's not all puddings and mulled wine though, for the blacking factory and memories of debtors' prison will never be distant enough in Dickens' past.

I was thrilled to see Miriam Margolyes and Simon Callow in the cast, but it was Miles Jupp's performance as William Makepeace Thackeray that came perilously close to scene-stealing whenever he appeared.

The photo above shows Dickens and company peering through the window of Hatchards at a pre-order sign for a worringly unfinished book.  Surely I wasn't the only one in the room whose thoughts were of just how far their Christmas window displays have come!


  1. A film with Hatchards' window display - no wonder you were first in the queue, Darlene!

  2. I'm sure I must have emitted a squeak of delight, Mary...what a sad case.