4 August 2013

Just Checking In

Well this doorhanger thingy says it all.  They were free for the taking at a bookshop in Fergus and I have been using it!  There are extra shifts to cover at the library while staff take vacation and frankly - the gorgeous weather means we really don't sit in all that much if we can help it.  This means that my reading pace has slowed to an hour at the end of the day if I can keep my eyes open.  I'm within the last forty pages or so of The Love-charm of Bombs by Lara Feigel and will be in deep mourning once it's finished.  It is absolutely the most perfect blending of interests for me and in this case dragging it out has been a good thing.
My long-suffering husband is off doing the grocery shopping while I'm supposed to be getting ready to head out to Toronto.  We're packing up Deacon, our busy border collie, and spending the day wandering the trails of Hyde Park.  Hopefully my two travelling companions can occupy themselves under the shade of a tree long enough for me to pop in for a quick tour of Colborne Lodge.

So a quick wave 'hello' to you - hope you are having a super summer so far and I will be back in a few days with some thoughts on my favourite read of the year thus far.


  1. Hello to you too... I have been saving this book. Why? I should be reading it!!

  2. Love your Penguin accessory!! Looking forward to your review!!

  3. I love that sign! Have a lovely holiday.