31 October 2014

Friday's Literary Feast

It's Halloween and therefore nothing but a recipe for dinner involving offal will do.  So today's quote, or rather recipe, comes from A New System of Domestic Cookery by Mrs Rundell....if you dare.

To Roast Tongue and Udder

  After cleaning the tongue well, salt it with common salt and saltpetre three days; then boil it, and likewise a fine young udder with some fat to it, till tolerably tender; then tie the thick part of one to the thin part of the other, and roast the tongue and udder together.
  Serve them with good gravy and currant-jelly sauce.  A few cloves should be stuck in the udder.  This is an excellent dish.
  Some people like neats' tongue cured with the root, in which case they look much larger; but otherwise the root must be cut off close to the gullet, next to the tongue, but without taking away the fat under the tongue.  The root must be soaked in salt and water, and extremely well cleaned, before it is dressed; and the tongue should be laid in salt for a day and a night before pickled.


  1. Golly. Even if I weren't vegetarian, I might balk at that. :)

  2. Certainly gave me the shivers!