7 August 2015

Friday's Literary Feast

Quotes from The Virago Book of Food:  The Joy of Eating


Grafton's detective heroine Kinsey Millhone is no cook, and famously fond of junk food, but here she realises how seductive a good meal can be.

We drove down to the Ranch House in Ojai, one of those elegant restaurants where the waiter stands at your table and recites the menu like a narrative poem.
  'Shall I order for us or would that offend your feminine sensibilities?'
  'Go ahead,' I said, feeling oddly relieved, 'I'd like that'...
  The meal that followed was one of the most sensual I ever experienced: fresh, tender bread with a crust of flaky layers, spread with a buttery pâté, Boston lettuce with a delicate vinaigrette, sand dabs sautéed in butter and served with succulent green grapes.  There were fresh raspberries for dessert with a dollop of tart cream, and all the time.  Charlie's face across the table from me, shadowed by that suggestion of caution, that hint of something stark and fearful held back, pulling me forward even while I felt myself kept in check.

A Is for Alibi

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