16 October 2015

Friday's Literary Feast

Quotes from The Virago Book of Food:  The Joy of Eating

1852 - 1930

'Lucinda had always liked a bit of cold pork, some left-over dinner vegetables, some little savory relish, for supper, but now she ate a slice of bread-and-butter and a spoonful of sauce, and drank a glass of milk.  Charlotte had decreed that that was better for her.  Lucinda had not even her cup of tea since Charlotte reigned.
  Lucinda had been fond of a rich cup-cake, which she had also enjoyed stirring up once a week for herself.  She had taken an innocent pride in excellence, and she had treated her few callers to it.  She had like a slice of it between meals.  But that was now all done away with, there was no cake baked in the house.  'That rich cake is not fit for you to eat, Aunt Lucinda,' Charlotte had said.  'I think we had better not have any more of it.'  And poor Lucinda came gently down to her niece's views on diet, and put cup-cake and cold pork and vegetables away from her like devices of Satan.  She concealed from herself her longing for them; and she felt the most sincere love and gratitude to Charlotte for her interest in her welfare.'

'An Innocent Gamester'

A Young Woman Drinking a Cup of Tea
Maurice Louis Monnot (1869 - 1937)


  1. Oh dear poor Lucinda! I hope she gets rid of Charlotte and gets back to what she enjoys eating!

    1. Exactly! The bottle of rat poison just might have to tip near Charlotte's beef broth....what a pill.

  2. Note to self: never let the nieces move in. :)

    1. Nobody comes between me and my tea....Charlotte would have been out on her ear!