19 October 2015

Great British Bake Off: Another Slice

As Canadians we were a bit late to the party but to be fair The Great British Bake Off didn't show up on our cable channels until last year.  The end of another season has put a stop to worries about runny icing, less than impressive rises, and partially-cooked pastry.  Congratulations, Nadiya! Flora and Tamal are tops in my book too.

Our second favourite night was Friday when The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice aired.  It was like being invited to Jo Brand's house for a cuppa.  The fan bakes were impressive and fun in turns but it's cake so it can never really be bad.  There was one moment though...a woman made a cat cake, sitting in a litter tray, with fondant made to look like....well, let's leave it there.

The Great British Bake Off: Another Slice was just published and we thought it would be very much like the show.  There is no Jo Brand but it is packed with contestant profiles, baking history, quizzes, crosswords, fan bakes, behind-the-scenes stories and more, laid out in eye-catching colour.  It rates very high in charm factor.

I can see it now...pajama-clad family members shouting out the answers or...just keeping it to yourself.

Suddenly the small bowl of soup and a few oat crackers that was my lunch doesn't seem all that satisfying.

 If you're lucky enough to be left alone with the book and you have a package of pencil crayons handy (because everyone is buying those adult colouring books) you can brighten up a tea party.

If there's a Great British Bake Off fan in your life then this book is a must-buy!  And for those of you in mourning until the next series, this book will help nicely with the withdrawal.


  1. No way! You have a second slice?!!! Humph. (I think we're all getting different episodes in different countries. I had to avoid all the recaps last winter because Simon and others were seeing the same episodes before we did, but we're seeing a different group right now. They're all so nice! ... and as much as I love to bake, I'm not in their league.

    1. Oh Audrey, you and me both. I mean, I can turn out a homemade cake but it astounds me how the contestants know so many techniques...you would think they do nothing all day but read cookbooks and bake. And then there's Martha - she's still a teenager! I bow to them.

  2. As Audrey said we're seeing the 2nd season right now so we are very behind. But I still love watching every Thursday night and I think I'd really enjoy this book. As for the cat cake...

    1. With the heat where you live it's probably best to live vicariously through other bakers! My husband and I want to try making macarons...perhaps some lemon ones with curd in the middle. What could go wrong?