6 November 2015

Friday's Literary Feast

Quotes from The Virago Book of Food:  The Joy of Eating

1787 - 1855

Novelist and dramatist Mary Russell Mitford was the daughter of an extravagant and ultimately impecunious doctor in Alresford, Hampshire, and an early admirer of Jane Austen's novels.  Here she describes her nurse's wedding to a local farmer.

'Such a dinner...Fish from the great pond, Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, Boiled fowls, and a Gammon of bacon, a Green Goose, and a Suckling pig, plumb puddings, apple pies and custards, followed by home brewed beer and home made wines, by syllabub, by wedding cake.  Everybody ate enough for four, and there were four times more than would possibly be eaten.'

Our Village

A Wedding Banquet in Ypot by Albert Fourie


  1. I think that she's also often quoted for saying something catty about our Jane, but I'm racking my brain to remember what it was?

  2. Such a dinner indeed! Sounds like a very excellent wedding feast.