14 April 2016

Spring edition of Town & Country...Calling All Rampant Anglophiles

Made a quick stop at Chapters last night to pick up a couple of cards and spotted the Spring edition of Town & Country.  They've outdone themselves with article after article to send any anglophile worth their salt running for a cup of tea and some quiet time.

What's inside. you may ask?  Emma Bridgewater, beekeeping, the portraiture of Vanessa Garwood, three new independent bookshops in London, Sotheby's auction of articles belonging to Deborah Devonshire (by Juliet Nicholson), restoration of a Hawksmoor-designed estate, recipes for a delicious lunch fit for the Queen, and a beautiful set of photographs of the Queen from past to present.  There's also a page highlighting fashion to wear to the Hay Festival but personally, I wouldn't sit on damp grass in trousers from Holland & Holland that cost £225.

Pardon the glare on the photo...the sun is out today!


  1. Sounds like an excellent way to spend an afternoon (especially a cloudy one - no sunshine here to distract from reading!). Thanks for letting us know.

  2. A bright spot in a cloudy day then, Claire! We're having the first warm and sunny weekend that promises Spring so I plan to spend some time on the patio with tea and a stack of reading material. Take a peek at this issue if you see a copy, it's beautiful.

  3. Thank you, I'm on my way out the door to pick this up! Sounds like heavenly reading for the weekend!