14 July 2016

Kip - Blueberries vs Carrot

The days are long and exhausting but also highly productive as every minute counts when Kip is taking a nap.  With the gracious support of my colleagues I've been able to switch some shifts so I can train and play during the day and then go off to work in the evening when my husband is home.

Our sweet boy now takes a massive amount of joy in digging in the garden.  While watering the hanging baskets the other day, I lost sight of Kip for the briefest of moments.  Then I spied the twitching of a few large leaves on a giant hosta.  Sneaking up and lifting the leaves I came face to face with Kip's sweet eyes and four of the blackest paws covered in topsoil.  He was so excited to see me, or perhaps it was a plea for leniency, he jumped up onto my legs.  The legs clad in ballerina pink pajama bottoms.  But what's another bit of clothing in the sink for a soak in stain remover?

I'm also watching the cats across the street.  Note to self: it is not a good idea to bring a new puppy into a home with two cats who have never seen a dog before.  And never try to serve up cat food while keeping an eye on a hissing cat...as the puppy tries to eat the cat food you're now emptying onto the counter instead of the dish because you're watching said cat at the same time.

My neighbours asked if there was anything they could bring back for me.  I asked for chocolate...I should have also said 'A lot!.  This is definitely shaping up to be a summer to remember, and while not as exotic as a trip abroad it is every bit as adventurous.


  1. Pupernity leave? I didn't know that was a thing!

    1. PS Just noticed that you're reading The Essex Serpent. Good? I ordered it at the library only a few minutes ago - and was thinking that it sounded very Darlene! But you're ahead of me. As are about 50 other people waiting for the book!

  2. It sounds like a good idea to me! He's irresistible.

  3. Immeasurably better than a trip anywhere!!

  4. Wonderful fun, but exhausting I imagine. My ten-year old still tries to steal the cat's food at my mother's nursing home. And you remind me that she dug more than the garden as a puppy - she had some old Victorian plaster out of the wall of our front bay window.

  5. Kip is just adorable ... and I'm a cat person!