12 December 2016

Farewell to a Bookshop

My husband and I had been looking forward to visiting Archetype Books as a Christmas present to ourselves.  Bookshops are always a treasure trove but Natalie made each visit to her shop feel like you were dropping by to see a friend.  She reaches the same level of exuberance that I do when the topic turns to British authors, television and film (actually, we don't talk about anything else) and her carefully curated stock reflects that.  While browsing the shelves there's a constant stream of 'have you read...have you seen...and oh, this is such a wonderful story!

During a quiet moment in the shop Natalie told us that she had some news; her husband isn't well.  She needs to free up time to support him and their daughter.  The bookshop will be closing in a few weeks.  Faced with a moment like that my thoughts were about the well-being of a family and not about books.  Natalie could have quietly locked the doors and slipped away but she truly cares about her customers.  She even baked mince pies for those stopping by when many mere mortals wouldn't have bothered.  The other thing that struck me was Natalie's positive outlook and ability to accept what needs to be done and just get on with it.

My husband has already squirreled away his new Linwood Barclay book (signed, no less) but you can have a peek at my acquisitions.

Natalie asked for my email address so she can keep in touch with her regulars.  We're all rooting for good news so fingers crossed, this episode in her family's life will have a happy ending.


  1. Oh, this is sad, for them and for you. Wishing them all the best.

  2. Oh that is sad news. When I am in your part of the world I have gone into A Different Drummer, nice but rarely inspires me to buy. It sounds as though this one would have been more tempting. I hope that all goes well and she is able to reopen soon.